Kruger Park Speeders Please Slow Down!!

It has been an issue for a long time now in the Kruger National Park, speeding!

Bored tourists, delivery vans, staff and people in transit. The reality being that the animals (birds, mammals, reptiles and all creatures), who are suppose to have right of way, end up as road kill.

We were in the Kruger over the past long weekend in April with a group on an overnight safari tour. Although I did not see it, as they were on an open vehicle drive, they attended a sighting in which a cheetah was at the side of the road calling for its companion who had been struck and killed by a speeding vehicle. They caught the dramatic scene of the cheetah calling in vain, in the photo below!

Cheetah calling on safari in Kruger National Park

Photo courtesy of Janice and Barry Aitken-Smith

 Earlier that day I too had encountered road kill, this time a poor Vervet monkey. It angers a person quite considerably when you see the pointless killing of our wildlife and how easily it could be avoided. The driver in both these cases clearly must have been speeding and diving negligently.

The apparent rise in these incidences urged South African National Parks to release a post on their Face Book page, asking tourists to be vigilant and to slow down. Especially now as we enter the Impala rut season, when thousands of antelope will be competing for breeding rights. High speed chases and fighting occurs increasing the chance that an animal might run out into the road.

Imapla males seen on overnight safari to Kruger Park

Male Impala take part in the rut season this May


Visitors can report speeding or any rules and regulations infringement to the Emergency Call Centres on 013 735 4325/013 735 0197 or 076 801 9679.

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