The Northern Drakensberg Tour has the mighty Amphitheater mountain range

The Beautiful Amphitheater in the Northern Drakensberg. Home to the mighty Tugela Falls.

The Drakensberg mountain range offers up an incredible array of sights and activities. It runs for over 350km north to south, giving this National Reserve it’s very apt name, Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg National Park. Translated, it means ‘The barrier of spears’, referencing the towering peaks on the eastern escarpment of the range, the highest in Southern Africa. The name was declared when the reserve gained UNESCO world heritage status, mainly due to the unique fauna and flora of the region and the historical footprint left by the Bushmen (San) people of Southern Africa, with some 50 000 rock art sites found throughout the Berg.

Nature abounds throughout the mountain range and many species of bird, animal and plant can be viewed and enjoyed. A lot of them, especially bird and plant you can find nowhere else!

Below we have listed a few set tours to the different regions of the Drakensberg, namely the northern, central and southern ‘Berg’. We have designed these so that you can take any of them as stand alone tours or combine them together to form an even greater experience. The Drakensberg is such and iconic destination with 100’s of things to do and see, so feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tailor the perfect package for you…



The iconic Amphitheater on the Northern Drakensberg TourTour: 2 Night Northern Drakensberg Tour
Price min 2 Adults: R12 850 pps
(Discounts apply for groups 4 or more)
Duration: 3 Days/ 2 Nights

You will spend 2 nights in the Royal Natal Park section of the Drakensberg, famous for the incredible landmark, the Amphitheatre. This towering escarpment is the source of the mighty Tugela River, the 3rd largest in South Africa and is home to the Tugela Falls, the 2nd highest waterfall in the world falling 910m from the top of the mountain to the valley below.

Of course the Berg is a hiker’s paradise, but there is something for everybody, from an endurance 8 hour hike to a gentle 1 hour stroll. The 2 most popular hikes are the ones to either the base of the falls, or the top of it, so if you are up to the task, we suggest one of these.




Cathedral Peak seen in the Central Drakensberg TourTour: 2 Night Drakensberg Tour
Price min 2 Adults: R11 950pps
(Discounts apply for groups 4 or more)

Duration: 3 Days/ 2 Nights

You will visit the central region of the Drakensberg mountain range during this tour, with a focus on the Bushmen (San) people of Southern Africa. You will stay at 2 different camps, first at Cathedral Peak’s Didima camp and then at Giants Castle.

Didima camp has stylish chalets that are said to be modelled to look like over-hanging rock faces, similar to what the ancient San people would have used for their shelter. From your balcony you look onto the range and the incredible Cathedral peak. The camp also has a fantastic museum, showcasing everything you could wish to know about the San people, along with genuine artefacts and more.

Giants Castle is nestled below the towering escarpment, offering up gorgeous views of the surrounding cliffs. Other than the high volume of wildlife in the area, including the eland, Africa’s largest antelope, it is known for the rock art ‘museum’ at main caves. Here you can view genuine and amazingly well preserved rock art by the Bushmen and because it is but a short 2 hour walk, makes it very popular. Birdlife abounds and a visit to the vulture restaurant nearby (winter only) can offer up sightings of the endangered Bearded Vulture!




Take a 4X4 trip up Sani Pass on the Southern Drakensberg Tour

Tour:  2 Night Southern Drakensberg Tour
Price min 2 Adults: R13 850pps
(Discounts apply for groups 4 or more)

Duration: 3 Days/ 2 Nights

The Southern Drakensberg is the most accessible from Durban and is famous for the mountain passes that allow access to the country of Lesotho. The most notable of these is the Sani Pass. During this tour you will stay near the quaint town of Underberg, in BnB/ Lodge style accommodation. The highlight of the tour is the 4X4 trip up the mountain and into Lesotho via the Sani Pass, whereby you will enjoy some wildlife, a visit to a Basothu village and have lunch in the highest pub in Africa!