Social Responsibility

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We all love to travel, and in this day and age it has become relatively accessible to the masses. This can have many benefits especially on an economic level, where the country, district and even localized communities can feel the positives. However the impact we have on the environment may not always be ideal, especially in the wilder areas such as our national parks. Water and electricity consumption, waste and of course carbon emissions are increased and can have a negative effect.

We at Endless Summer have always used the reserve accommodations as first option for our guests, who by their very nature are very conscious of the above factors. Otherwise, low impact and environment friendly lodges are always a priority. Recycling, sustainable bed numbers and alternative energies are steps that are taken to lower our impact, but our carbon foot print from physically travelling by plane or other vehicle is not always as easy.

So we decided, lets plant trees!


To be more exact, we are now planting an indigenous tree for every over night tour we take. We will try for the most part to plant it in the area the tour visits and where it is most needed. Guests can choose to take some time out of their trip and get involved to give back and offset their carbon footprint, or we will do it on their behalf.

Lets be honest, it is not going to come close to offsetting what we omit into our atmosphere, but it is the thought that counts. We can all do our little part and a lot of small differences can be part of a whole. So come join us on one of our many tours, knowing by merely choosing Endless Summer, you will be giving back.

Arbor Week 2017

Planting trees for Arbor week 2017 and to offset our carbon footprint

Planting trees in an underprivileged community for Arbor Week 2017

Our first batch of trees were planted during Arbor Week 2017. Thanks to every body for travelling with us and giving back!