7 steps to planning a Kruger Park Safari that is perfect for you!

So you’ve finally done it, you’ve decided it is time to visit Africa! To tick off that bucket list safari you have always dreamed of. You sit down with your partner, family or friends (your intended travel companions) to do a simple internet search. You type in ‘Kruger Park Safari’ and wham, you’re inundated with every piece of information you could possibly think of, 8.3 million search results to be exact (yes I tested it)!

What next?

So what do you do when planning a Kruger Park safari?  How do you sift through the clutter and the noise? It is not going to be easy, believe me, but what am I saying, if you are reading this right now you’ve most likely been through the above scenario already. Never fear though, I am here to help. I have meticulously broken down everything I have ever learnt whilst operating in the safari industry over the past 20 years into an easy-to-follow, step by step process for planning a Kruger Park safari that is perfect for you.


Planning a perfect Kruger Safari

What will I learn?

I’ll cover the frequently asked questions, the ones you most likely already have. The questions you should be asking, that perhaps you haven’t even considered. All the important information, checklists, travel tips and so much more. 

Let’s dive in, Step 1 – Planning a Kruger Park safari perfect for me

Where do you start?   

Well, the very first thing to consider is the type of safari that will suit your travel needs, and that of your group, best. You see there are many different ways to experience the bush and how you do will largely be determined by a few factors. These are:

  • What is the makeup of the group? Are you a solo traveller, a couple (young or older), family or travelling friends?
  • How much time do you have? Are you on a 2 week vacation or a 3 month sabbatical? Maybe you are retired and time is not an issue. (The next article covers all the travel timings and the info you need to make the right decision)
  • Budget? This seems obvious, but there is actually more to consider than you think. Sometimes paying more saves you ‘costs’ elsewhere.

As mentioned there are quite a few different ways to do a safari, the above questions will largely determine which you will choose, but it is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. I will break down each type individually and explain how the answers to these questions fit in.

So what are these different ways to do a Kruger Safari?

There are 4 main ways you may wish to visit the Kruger Park, each has varying versions as well, which I’ll explain as I go. They are:

As I say each of these has different things to consider and the answers to your 3 questions can fit into more than one type. For instance, a solo traveller will fit best in a guided group safari, as the budget will be lower, they’ll gain some travelling companions and have the knowledge of a guide. However, they could also choose to self-drive, if they have time on their hands and maybe they want some solitude. They could also do a luxury lodge safari if they have the budget for it.

Let’s break down each safari type:

Below I dissect each safari experience into all you need to consider when deciding where to lay your hard earned cash. Which questions do you need to ask yourself (don’t worry I’ll also give you the answers, so it will be more like a multiple choice) and then list all the pros and cons of each type. I am not only going to list them, but also explain why it is considered a pro or con, whilst keeping in mind the 3 main questions; budget, group makeup and time. Then lastly I’ll indicate, in my humble opinion which type of traveller each safari will suit best.

Sound good? Let’s go!

At this juncture though, I might add that just by using the above info you may already have a good idea of which safari you are going to choose or have narrowed it down at least. Then feel free to jump to the relevant section. I promised to deliver all and I mean all the relevant information you are going to need. So I get very granular in the following sections, breaking it all down for you in the finest of details. Follow the links below: 

  • Self Drive Kruger Safari
  • Guided Group Safari
  • Guided Private Safari
  • Luxury Safari or otherwise called a luxury lodge safari

Once you have gone through all the different options, or have decided already, then move onto:

Step 2 – All the Travel Information 

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