Lion Kill in the Kruger Park – Warthog doesn’t go easily!

We got very lucky on our safari to Kruger in early May 2016



We were on safari with 4 Canadian tourists and this was their first morning, they hadn’t even seen a wild lion until this moment! If you listen on the video, they didn’t even know where the lions were and I tell them to be patient, as they will definitely go after the warthog.

Then I point the stalking lioness out to them and seconds into their first ever wild lion sighting it takes down the warthog right in front of us. I know many people who have been going to the reserves for decades and still haven’t seen a kill! And these guys see it in their first couple hours, the amazement can be heard in the background.

The lions pulled it down and warthogs are notorious for making a hang of a noise, as can be heard, but are also very strong and hard to kill. Even when they thought it was dead, the lioness had to get up and choke it again. Amazing sighting, can’t believe our good fortune!



Lioness kills warthog in the Kruger national park

The lioness had a tough time killing the resilient warthog in the Kruger Park

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